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What is Therapy or Counselling

Compassion and Empathy

I listen to you and help you in our sessions together to get a greater understanding of patterns of behaviour, and why they happen.  Talking about things that have happened to you can help you feel lighter.  Talking to someone outside of your family and friends is often easier too.  Trauma in our lives can effect the way we behave, think and feel now.  Trauma can be a bereavement, accident, difficult childhood experiences, bullying, health conditions : really anything our minds and bodies find difficult to cope with.  These incidents are maybe from the past, but they maybe effecting you now.

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Would it be for me?

A safe place to talk

To come to counselling may be a big step for you, but I offer a quiet, confidential place to explore your feelings.  Things from your past, problems happening now and worries about the future.

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