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Bridlington Bay Counselling

Izzy Hicks

Learn More About Me


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I'm Izzy,

I am a  Relational Psychotherapeutic Counsellor in advanced training.  I offer affordable Counselling from my practise in Bridlington.

I have a Counselling Cabin in a wooded garden setting, which is well ventilated and heated.  This offers a confidential, private space that is close to nature.  I also offer counselling by  video calls on zoom or telephone which is then available nationwide. 

Get to Know Me

I love the natural world, colours and textures.  I am creative and imaginative. I work relationally and use my creativity in my counselling. I have been working for some years with several National and Local Charities dealing with issues of bereavement, despair, loneliness, end of life care, dementia, pain, aging and integration in community. I have a wealth of life experience, and a joy of knowledge  into all human relationships.

A safe place to talk.


What is Therapy or Counselling

A safe place to talk.

It is a place where you can start to explore your life.  Things that have made it difficult for you in the past, fears about the future, but also what is happening in your life now.  I offer a quiet, confidential safe space to explore your feelings.

Can I afford Counselling?

How Much does it cost?

I  currently charge a £30 per one hour session, £45 for couples. I offer a sliding scale discount for students and those not receiving a wage. This is held in or from my private practise at my home in Bridlington.  I have a cosy counselling cabin in my wooded garden setting, which is both private and close to nature.

Telephone sessions or Zoom meetings are initiated from my quiet, confidential space in my home. There is free on street parking in the road outside. I am also on a local bus route.  

It's OK not to be OK.

Time to talk and be heard.

These days mental well being is much in the news.  We are still aware however there is still stigma around admitting we are feeling unwell.  The time is coming where we start to treat our minds with compassion as we would when we hurt our backs or strain a muscle. Talking to someone confidentally, can help.  Someone who does not judge you, or tell you that their problems are worse than yours.

"Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength"

Sigmund Freud.

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